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Thursday, 30 December 2010


 FOR TODAY Thursday, 30th December 2010.

Outside my window... NO snow!

I am thinking... how I don't like New Year's Eve..

I am thankful for... breaks from vertigo..

From the kitchen... the smells of home-made ciabatta

I am wearing... casual clothes & my slippers!

I am creating... the finishing touches to the last page of my 2010 365 art journal calendar.. can't believe I've kept it going all year!

I am going... to the cemetry in the morning to see how things are now the snow has melted..

I am reading... HP 3 still! to DS1

I am hoping... everyone I know & love has a safe, happy, peaceful New Year.. the unknown frightens me..

I am hearing... peaceful sounds after a hectic day..

Around the house... signs of the festive season..

One of my favourite things... my new teeny weeny pink Moleskine journal for my page a day doodling in 2011..

A few plans for the rest of the week: enjoy the time that's left together as a family before everyone goes off back to nursery, school, college & work..

Here is picture I am sharing...

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I hope the New Year brings you love & peace..

Best wishes, Gez.xx

Saturday, 18 December 2010


 FOR TODAY Saturday, 18th December 2010.

Outside my window... lots of SNOW - again!

I am thinking... I am a rotten blogger not being able to leave many comments because looking at the computer screen triggers my vertigo.. :(

I am thankful for...gaps in my vertigo

From the kitchen... it's CLOSED... this time of night!

I am wearing... comfy house pants & t-shirt

I am creating... an art journal page before I go to bed.. got some journal spilling I NEED to do...

I am going... to bed shortly... & the Christingle service in Church tomorrow.. carols by candlelight.. beautiful. :)

I am reading... Harry Potter Goblet of Fire to DS1 (want to finished it before Christmas but it's not looking likely I keep falling asleep when I put DS2 to bed!!

I am hoping... for my vertigo to COMPLETELY disappear ASAP

I am hearing... snoring!!!!! (hubby on settee!)

Around the house... signs of Christmas!

One of my favorite things... my art journal :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: wrapping presents... tidying the house from top to bottom in between dizziness.. art journaling.. trying out a new recipe I've found for home-made bread... will share if it works out! catching up on my Christmas journal class..

Here are some pictures I am sharing...

 on the way home from school with DS1..
...just look at the sky!
 click to enlarge..

 a 360 photo from the first!
click to enlarge

BJ.. my mate :o) ....isn't he handsome!

a photo from my Journal Your Christmas album.. 
Day 2.. Weather! 
.. just look at the trees! GORGEOUS!
 .. think we were both tired & just wanted to get home!..

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Hope you are keeping warm & safe in these artic conditions.... global warming!!

Sunday, 21 November 2010


 FOR TODAY Saturday, 20th November 2010.

Outside my window... damp & wet start to the day but the skies look promising..

I am thinking... will my art journal pages be acceptable in someone else's journal..

I am thankful for... the occasional breaks from vertigo..

From the kitchen... smells of breakfast..

I am wearing... PJ's

I am creating... an art journal spread in someone's journal

I am going... to find a new winter coat for my little one..

I am reading... Journal Spilling.. HP & the goblet of fire with DS1 & Guess how much I love you? with DS2..

I am hoping... to organise a Christmas Day meal at my Dad's as he was in hospital last Christmas..

I am hearing... the boys falling out.. why can't they play together nicely :(

Around the house... toys all over the floor!

One of my favorite things... my watercolour art journal... a place to lose myself :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: ... finish the art journal pages I'm working on ready for posting..

Here is picture I am sharing...

My little boy worked so hard for days & days colouring a picture a little at a time.. He was so very careful to not go out of the lines.. & persevered.. & it paid off! .. He won a competition!

fame at 3..

I am so happy for him.. his artwork has gone on show this week & he had his photograph taken with some important people! He has learnt an important lesson & bagged some confidence :)

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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

It's quite a while since I played along over at the Simple Woman's Daybook blog & it looks like there is one post for the whole of the month now instead of a new one each week, if I am reading it right.. I think I would still like to carry on each week as it is okay to add your links more than once a month.

For Today 30/10/10.

Outside my window... blue skies & weak sunshine, bit windy

I am thinking... will Tom settle back into Nursery on Monday, where is my grey thread for taking up Ben's new school trousers.

I am thankful for... not suffering from vertigo all of the time. We all agreed on the same pumpkin!

From the kitchen... chicken & ham rissotto not forgetting the peas Rae Rae ;)

I am wearing... blue jeans, pink t-shirt & my work shoes! (slippers ;)

I am creating... art journaling backgrounds, can't stop! I don't want to journal over some of them tho! Is that normal?

I am going... to GET WELL again.

I am reading... Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.. for the 2nd time round! with DS1 & Kipper's Birthday party with DS2.. every night! For me? Journal Spilling.. love it. :)

I am hoping... Tom won't be sad when I leave him on Monday morning at Nursery...

I am hearing... the noisy birds... are they ever going to migrate this year?

Around the house... signs that we are a very busy family... Lego.. Playmobil.. my 365 art journaling pages I'm trying to get up todate for Monday!

One of my favorite things... snuggling under a blanket on the settee in an evening with my 3 angels before bed & having a laugh.

A few plans for the rest of the week:visiting my Dad, & taking fresh flowers to the Cemetry.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Thank you for calling & leaving a comment if you get the chance. Have a great weekend. Gez ♥

Thursday, 28 October 2010


I didn't get far with this!! I have played before past posts listed in labels on {Gezzyb's Jots}.

I so wanted to keep up with this as last year I did have a go on paper & it worked quite well... I just couldn't keep up printing out the photos! & then I lost my book (which is still missing... did see it once I remember!) sooooooo I started this blog... which has been rather neglected... suppose I am a true Gemini starting new projects all the time!!

I don't expect many if any readers, commentors or followers but it would be lovely.... why not join in the fun over at {Simple Woman's Daybook}.

My idea is that it will make a lovely keepsake for my children when they are all grown up! Not at this rate! but I will try harder!! Thanks for calling, if there is anyone out there! Hugs, Gez ♥

Sunday, 10 January 2010

FOR TODAY... 04/01/10.

Outside my window... lots & lots of snow

I am thinking... how will I push the pram up to school in the snow?

I am thankful for... my BIG silvercross pram.

I am wearing... house clothes!

I am remembering... how it snowed last year & we struggled up to school.

I am going... to get my DT pieces photographed.

I am currently reading... The Guy Next Door.

I am hoping... my chest gets better. Feels tight. Peak flow not that brilliant.

On my mind... when is Celebritiy Big Brother starting?

Noticing that... my I feel sooooooo tired.

Pondering these words...

From the kitchen... not much!

Around the house... lots of dust.

One of my favorite things... right now... chilli crisps

From my picture journal...

Yeah! We did it ALL 4 of us - none stop Team work for hours....