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Thursday, 21 July 2011

21st July 2011

 21st July 2011

Outside my window... darkness, it's 4.30am 

I am thinking... how I don't want the phone to ring today ever..

I am thankful for... my Dad being made more comfortable

From the kitchen... it's CLOSED...

I am wearing...   PJ's and slippers 

I am creating... a mess and getting no where fast! Apart from filling the waste paper basket!

I am going... to have to tell my 4yr old his gramps has gone to the stars sometime soon :(

I am reading... Harry Potter.. The Goblet of Fire to DS1.. still! 

I am hoping... my Dad isn't frightened and that he knows I love him.. and Mr T has a good last day at Nursery..

I am hearing... nothing but the computer whirring..

Around the house... signs of happy children! .. paintings and drawings and Lego!

One of my favorite things... snugs from my 3 angels

A few plans for the rest of the week: catch up on some sleep.. empty my Dad's fridge a.s.a.p, find his address book and ring everyone in there.. not going to be easy..

Here is a picture I am sharing...

my angel pie  

I'm not linking my post to July's Simple Woman's Daybook but here is the link to July's book if you wish to pop over.. Simple Woman's Daybook


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Wish I was here!

It's the end of a very, very busy week here.. I just wanted to say Thanks, for everyone's lovely comments regarding my SIL.. it is a very worrying time for my family.. thank you for being there..Xxx

I've a photograph I just had to share with you all.. 

My daughter returned home safely from Italy last Friday.. it was a very tense time waiting for news of her flight landing safely! 

This week we have been snatching bits of time here and there to look at her 800+ photographs!

We've only got as far as day 3 so far!!!

oooh... would you just look at those little Italian tomatoes!! 

I could just pick one to eat ;-)

 click & click again.. to enlarge!

Look at that beautiful blue sky too!!! .. Mt Vesuvius is there in the background across Naples Bay.. 

What I would give to be on that beach right now!!

Thank you for calling and for your wonderful cyber friendship. I promise to call soon. I am so looking forward to sharing an art journal page with you that I made today.. I've found my groove again!!!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend. Love and hugs, Gez.xx