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Thursday, 28 October 2010


I didn't get far with this!! I have played before past posts listed in labels on {Gezzyb's Jots}.

I so wanted to keep up with this as last year I did have a go on paper & it worked quite well... I just couldn't keep up printing out the photos! & then I lost my book (which is still missing... did see it once I remember!) sooooooo I started this blog... which has been rather neglected... suppose I am a true Gemini starting new projects all the time!!

I don't expect many if any readers, commentors or followers but it would be lovely.... why not join in the fun over at {Simple Woman's Daybook}.

My idea is that it will make a lovely keepsake for my children when they are all grown up! Not at this rate! but I will try harder!! Thanks for calling, if there is anyone out there! Hugs, Gez ♥


  1. Oh sweetheart, you should so keep up with this you know! Its a lovely idea!!! Thank you for sharing, HUGS XXX

  2. What a good idea ...I just have an anything blog so everything goes on there from crafting to ranting ....I just keep Family History seperate. I must follow this xx

  3. Fab idea, I am going to start following this too! :)


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