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Thursday, 28 April 2011

A bit of a do!

It's been glorious weather here in Lancashire all week & today was lovely too for the Royal Wedding at my son's Nursery..these little people are only 3 & 4 years old and took their roles very seriously!

The proud Mum's & Dad's were invited to join the children for their parade around Nursery after their Reception meal..the tables looked beautiful with paper flowers & favours for everyone to take home.

I didn't have a camera for the day as it was else where with my daughter on her geology fieldtrip to Ingleton in the North Yorkshire Dales but DH managed 3 little snippets of video footage on his mobile.. I am hoping to order some 'official' photographs from Nursery!

Here's my little boy..

if you look closely you can spot him in the videos :)

There is sound too!

Thank You for calling & sharing these precious moments with me :)

Enjoy your day..whatever you have planned. Gez ♥


  1. They're super Gez, it looks as if a good day was had by all!

  2. Oh Gez, they are fantastic. I'm so glad the weather was lovely and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thank you so much for sharing these very precious memories with us. Give Policeman Tom a big hug and a XXX from me. Love S xxx

  3. bless them :)
    if policeman tom is off duty give hime a hug from me :) xx

  4. ooooo what a lot of fun!!!! x

  5. Aaww he looks so cute and I had to laugh at the children, some looked so bewildered!! xxxx

  6. Wish I had an invite. Tom was great in both videos dancing along :)

    ps that Kate Middleton was a bit of a disco diva!!!! hahaha

  7. What a lovely event - so special. PC Tom certainly looks the part x

  8. Oh Gez these little videos are just so special and how well did they all do!!!

    You must have been so proud of your little man and have some very special memories of your own for the Royal Wedding!!!

    Loved it Chanelle xx

  9. Very sweet, your little police officer did you proud! They had better sunshine than the real thing, too!


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