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Friday, 10 June 2011

What a week that followed the fire!

Should I share my good news or my bad news with you first?? Lets, get the bad stuff out of the way!

It was only in the early hours of last Friday morning that we had to deal with a fire outside our window and now tonight.. just look at THIS!

Just as we have been coming to terms with the flashbacks we breathed a sigh of relief a week on.. and now we are having to deal with more upheaval.. this work was scheduled for the 20th June in a letter we received one day ago! Why dig up now on the 10th June? on a Friday?? It did take them a whole nosiy day to produce about 6 holes this size on the street.. this is 'ours'

not quite sure how they managed to dig 'around' the smoke damaged spot of last Friday's fireball! but they managed it!!

 our matching 'hole' across the road :( and a teeny weeny one to keep it company!

I pray the emergency services don't need to come past in a hurry in the next few weeks.. look at the size of the gap!

I hope they don't work weekends!!

I did have some 'nice' stuff that happened this week. Yeah! (my Birthday! she whispers... I said I didn't want anymore!!) but.............. that got spoilt by the glass repairers on the morning of my birthday giving us an hours notice that they were comming to repair the broken windows from the fire.. we were told it would be Friday.. did the glass repairers have a crystal ball and know they wouldn't have been able to get near our windows today????

No matter what has happened this week I can't tell you how grateful I am for the kind wishes we have received since the terrifying fire. I appreciate everyones messages and emails. Thank you so much.

I was speechless when I opened this gorgeous card all the way from the Netherlands..

 Thank You so much Nellie.. your card made me smile and your sweet message too..xx

I have been so lucky to have had lots of lovely post arriving this week. 
A very special Thank You for all the beautiful hand-made birthday cards that came through the door. It was such a great pleasure to receive them.

Thank You! XXX

These are some of my beautiful cards that I received.. 

 What can I say! A Wonderful surprise indeed this week to receive
an original piece of artwork from Jo Capper-Sandon

(you can see Jo's original pic on her blog :)

another surprise and super amazing card from Pat 
 (details on Pat's blog)

I adore and will treasure ALL my birthday cards.. Thank You ♥♥♥

Over on the Bubbly Funk forum we like to share photographs of the cards we have received from the lovely talented ladies in the Birthday club.. here are some of mine :-)

Please forgive the watermark I have added after Googling for an image the other day and spotted one of my tags on the first page.. couldn't believe it! not sure how it got there!

 Wow! I was only admiring this card the other day!!



Thank You Bubblies.. I LOVE and adore all your beautiful hand-made cards.XXX


I am so excited to share with you some of the beautiful gifts I received.. can't believe I forgot to include the Dylusions sprays.. they have been already whisked away and added to my ink box!! Special Thanks to Ben for finding something I have been searching for everywhere! AFTH came up trumps!

I also received a fabulous gift voucher to spend at The Craft Barn and some gorgeous images and die-cuts to play with.. THANK YOU.XXXXX


Even though my birthday, day didn't go to plan I had a fantastic day last Monday spent in the company of one very special lady friend She ♥♥♥ I was very lucky indeed to meet up with the fabulously talented Sheila and spend the whole day at Oswaldtwistle Mills (Sheila is a warm, bubbly person who glows with happiness which can't help but rub off onto you! It did me a world of good to spend some quality time with She and also my daughter and youngest son. A fabulous time was had by all!

(I have just been over to Sheila's blog to collect a link for here.. and I am smiling all over remembering our wonderful day.. I was quite surprised to see how awful I look on photos!!!... not sure I want to share the link with you now!!! rofl!!!)

Sheila presented me with some of her gorgeous artwork..how lucky am I?!! 

a fabulous guardian angel canvas!
I shall treasure it always :-D

a card to open when we met :)

Sheila also made me a beautiful birthday card

and presented me with my grungy chunky book..
 The book was bound and the covers hand-made by Sheila..how beautiful they look :-)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL THE PAGES in my book and promise to share them with you soon..along with the pages I made too :-)

My book is truly an AMAZING work of art and I adore it madly.. THANK YOU everyone in the swap.XXXXX


I've one more thing to share with you tonight..now this morning.. 

 My dear, dear friend Carolyn over at Love Stitching Red ♥
sent me the most beautiful card and gift along with some wool my children bought me for my birthday from Carolyn's Etsy shop.. take a look if you get the chance.. Carolyn has some wonderful goodies planned for her shop :-) 

OOOOOOH I LOVE this wool.... save me some if you can!!!!

Promise I'm going to shut up now.. I am sooo tired!

I started this post 2 hours ago can you believe it!! I know I probably shouldn't have left a space between the word copy right.. at the time I was trying to spread it out across the pic.. now I've uploaded the pics I thought how silly am I? at 1.42am please forgive me..

I have so many personal emails and Thank You's I want to send and promise to write to everyone over the weekend.. Thank you for taking the time to read through my mega post! One thing blogging my week has helped me to realise is that the 'good things' have wayyyy out weighed the bad things this week.

Thank You Everyone from the bottom of my heart for making the BEST bits of this week WONDERFUL.XXXX

Nearly forgot to show you these.... gorgeous flowers that arrived through the post! Have I been spoilt or what!


Special Thank You for everyone's birthday wishes over on my crafty blog.xxx


  1. Wow lots of gorgeousness on this post! Is your birthday on the 6th then? same as mine if so! Glad you had a good day.

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  4. It's the 8th Nicky altho I think it was on Friday the 13th this year!!

    She..our lovely new windows are covered in dirt! :( :(

  5. Awe, such a lovely post sweetheart! I am so happy that you had such lovely birthday cards & gifts, you really deserve it.

    I can't believe that you have so many holes in your road!!!!! Lets hope there are no emergencies & that the work is done asap, Lots of HUGS xxx

  6. Well - only what you deserve - the birthday treats I mean - not the holes in the road!! Belated best wishes - hugs Jo

  7. So glad the good out weighed the bad. You received gorgeous cards and gifts, lucky you. Take care, Tracy x

  8. Wow you certainly were spoiled weren't you?!! So much loveliness arriving through your door to counteract the horrible time you've had lately xxxx

  9. Hi Gez
    Sorry to hear about the fire ...Happy to hear that you got spoiled for your bday :) what great friends you have sweetie ..Glad your family is ok . I sent you and email thank you for the atc's ,check your spam box :) hugs and love ,Vicky

  10. Wghat a wonderful array of cards and gifts, Gez - you must feel very blessed.
    You deserve all of those fabulous things because you are a very special person


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