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Monday, 10 October 2011

Not a good buddy to have?

that's the theme this week over at Crafting Buddies.. of course, I wouldn't trade my little buddy for the world!

She's our brand new kitten just 13 weeks old this week.. boy, is she lively!! I didn't know kittens climbed curtains!!

I would prefer if she didn't use my legs as a ladder to climb up and sit behind me on the computer chair, chase my childrens toes or try and grab pens whilst I'm trying to colour!! 

Smudge has filled a little gap in our lives that we didn't even know was there until she filled it.. we ALL love her to bits!

My poor Atc's... thank goodness they were already in their little protective sleeves before being sat upon!

approvals officer Smudge on duty!



  1. Ooh little prints on them Gez!

  2. She's pretty. Strangely enough my younger son and his family got a kitten in September and they have called her Smudge too!


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