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Friday, 24 February 2012

365+1 Photos 2012 ~ Day 55

sorry.. I'm cheating this morning!

Believe me when I say.. it's a white out in the sky this morning.. you DO NOT want to be here!! it's that right fine wetting rain and it's horrible!

I've been up to the cemetry to sort out the flowers this morning and I feel like I've been through a car wash!!!!

sooooooooooooo.... here is a photograph from last weekend that my daughter took.. she loves photographing clouds.. she's studying weather as part of her A level Geography and gives me a weekly forecast!!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend whatever the weather. Gez.xx

edited to say.. I've just stood at the kitchen door and took this shot!

hadn't realised I was still on yesterday's settings oh well I suppose the scratches add something to today's cloudlessness sky!


  1. What a beautiful sky. We had lovely blue skies yesterday- but think I'll manage a cloud or two today!

  2. Lovely photo, well done your dd.

  3. Stunning. I really don't care if you "cheated". Sssh I did too.


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