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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

365+1 Photos 2012 ~ Day 74

 I'm back! 
Goodness, that was hard work having no internet!

Today's prompt.. unusual camera angle

First day back and I'm cheating!! This photograph was taken on 10.03.12 (last Saturday) on a visit to Keele University with my daughter.

This is Keele Hall

Hope everyone is well.. I am looking forward to catching up soon..
I had nearly 500 emails waiting in my inbox.. eek!



  1. that's a gorgeous building. Welcome back, Gez !

  2. lovely building and great angle

  3. Nice job. Looks like a cool place.

  4. Great photo. My cousin went to Keele. Not sure whether my daughter has that one in her sights. She's doing a retake year.


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