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Friday, 6 April 2012

365+1 Photos ~ Day 97

Hellooooo 365'ers! I have missed blog hopping and looking out for the daily prompts!

I'm just recovering from a really bad bout of tonsilitis and flu.. I don't do things by half! It's my 2nd day out of bed altho I have been back to bed once already today!! 

I thought I'd check in and see what I've been missing!!

Here's my pic for today's prompt.. Pastel

 Hoping to catch up with everyone soon. Gez.xx


  1. Great photo. I used to love working with pastels.

    I hope you start to feel stronger soon.

  2. Very tempting pastels - would love to reach out and grab one!

  3. Wecome back, Gez, we've missed you.
    Your pastels are yummy. The colors are to die for . xx

  4. PS: and have a lovely Easter too !!!

  5. Thank you for a lovely welcome back ♥ I'm hoping things can only go up from here!

    Gez xx

  6. Hope your recovery continues. Those colours are great.

  7. Your pastels are lovely. I wondered where you where so sorry you have been so ill. Take things easy for a few days.

  8. Thanks Alison & Viv..xxx


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