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Friday, 13 January 2012

365 photos ~ Day 13

inside your fridge!
nothing exciting! 

no order as you can see!!

..cooked roast chicken for tea that's in the large white tub on the bottom shelf
4 yes 4 packets of Dinosaur meat from Morrisons on the top shelf..
my 3 love Dino meat and it was only 50p a packet yesterday so thats packed lunches sorted for a day or two!

Have fun if you're playing along with today's prompt!.. 
I shall be calling for inspection!! hehe.. have a great day ♥


  1. Mine mostly has fruit juice and empty jam jars. it looks full- but this afternoon I will be culling the jars!!!!!! Then food shopping!

  2. haha! I've just noticed.. I have a space! an empty space!! wow!!!

  3. Can I come for tea? We had the leftovers for lunch and I haven't a clue what we are having tonight.

  4. Ooh Gez you look quite organised! I'll be round for tea shortly :D


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