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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

365 photos ~ Day 17

 sock thief!!!!!!!

Smudge is our 6 month old kitty and she loves nothing more than running around with socks, 
perhaps, we should have called her Socks!!!

other naughty habbits include, scratching, then tearing wallpaper,
sitting on the computer keyboard or the laptop keyboard
getting stuck in the net curtains because a bird flew by outside
jumping up onto the dinning table while we are eating
climbing up onto my crafty welsh dresser and knocking things onto the floor to chase
chasing my ball of wool while I crochet..

do I need to go on!!!!!

(we do all love her very, very much!)

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  1. Cats are so mischevious- ours climbed the curtains once and she frequently used to peer out from INSIDE the christmas tree!

  2. Look at that body position! So flexible! So cute though :)

  3. Adorable,cute and oh so naughty lol

  4. She is so beautiful ...we have a Smudge ....a black and white boy....rather moody at times ...actually sulks. I love the wonderful characters of all felines ...our youngest is Rusty and sounds like your little one ...naughty but oh so loveable.


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